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Bitzer Air cooled semi hermetic condensing unit 6G-30.2
  • Product Name:Bitzer Air cooled semi hermetic condensing unit 6G-30.2
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Bitzer Air cooled semi hermetic condensing unit 6G-30.2


Bitzer Air cooled semi hermetic condensing unit 6G-30.2:


Product description of bitzer condensing unit:  


1.Horse Power:30HP

2.Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3PG&440V/60HZ/3PH 




1)High efficiency, Good reliability, Low noise, Low vibration, No leakage


2)Wide range of application


   The machine uses R22 as refrigerant. R134a, R404a, R407b and R407c are also   approved. R12 and R502 are not suggested due to the international environment protection requirement. The machine can be used at a low or high condensing temperature.


3)Excellent performance


   The compressor has a scientific structure design, strictly chosen material and precise procession and it is strictly inspected. The factory has obtained the National Compulsory Products CCC Certification, the National Industrial Products Manufacture License, and the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Supervision System Certification.


4)Accessories: all are world-famous brands, such as Danfoss filter, Danfoss  pressure controller, Emerson oil separator, Emerson gas separator, Harris high quality welding rods, and so on.


5)Reliable safety device


  The compressor is equipped with motor protector and discharge temperature monitor to prevent the overheat of the motor and the compressor and the operation beyond approved application pressure.


6) Air-cooling and water-cooling Condensing units are both available. 


4.We can supply more models from 2HP to 50HP of Bitzer Air cooler Condensing unit as below:   


Product Name Model Horse power
Air cooling Unit 2DC-3.2 3
Air cooling Unit 2CC-4.2 4
Air cooling Unit 4DC-5.2 5
Air cooling Unit 4TCS-8.2 8
Air cooling Unit 4VCS-10.2 10
Air cooling Unit 4PCS-12.2 12
Air cooling Unit 4G-15.2 15
Air cooling Unit 4G-20.2 20
Air cooling Unit 4J-20.2 20
Air cooling Unit 4H-25.5 25
Air cooling Unit 6G-30.2 30
Air cooling Unit 6G-40.2 40
Air cooling Unit 6F-50.2 50

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