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Guangzhou ZhiGao Freeze Equipment Limited Company
TEL: 86-020-61276167  86-020-61276267,86-020-61276067  86-020-61276168
FAX: 020-61276168

Office Address: 13F, No.13B05 Middle Block Yuexiu New Metropolis Building NO.232-258 ,the Sixth ZhongShan Road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou CityChina

Factory address : No.8 Block 8 long tang road shijing street baiyun distrist Guangzhou city

Payment Instructions:

1. Bank Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
REFERENCE BANK: Industrial Bank CO.,ltd
Industrial bank guangzhou dongshan branch
BENEFICIARY: Guangzhou ZhiGao Freeze Equipment Limited  Company
Account number: 3910-60100-10011-5332
Address: 507-510 Room Number 11-15 Haizhubei Road Yuexiu Area Guangzhou City

(Client can deposit/remittance into our Hongkong account at your convenience)

Beneficiary bank: Standard Chartered Bank(HK)ltd
Bank Address:Shop 6E 52 Tak Man street Phase 4 whampoa estate hung hom,kowloon,Hongkong
Beneficiary Name: Zhang Yinqiang
Account number:438-8-958993-1
2. Western Union
FAMILY NAME(Last name): Wang
GIVEN NAME(First Name): Yanyun
(Yanyun Wang)
Identity card No.: 440106197506060965
Tel: 13527765911
City: Guangzhou
Province: Guangdong
Country: China

3. Paypal

Recipient Name :
We will charge an additional 4.9% of Paypal handling charges on the top of your payment. Please note there is a $500usd limit via this method.


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