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2KS224D Mastushita Rotary Compressor
  • Product Name:2KS224D Mastushita Rotary Compressor
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2KS224D Mastushita Rotary Compressor

lanxue rotary ac compressor
low noise
high reliable
popular in south America ,Asia and so on.
lanxue 2KS224D vertical refrigeration compressor
Name:lanxue rotary compressor2KS224
Cooling capacity:1.5HP
Size: 20*22*38
Input power:1315W
Work current:5.8A
Product Details:
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Configuration: Stationary
Power Source: AC Power
Mute: Yes
air conditioner compressor: hermetic compressor
Type: Rotary


We can offer the model as follow:

Model Voltage(V)
110D 220V
120D 220V
2PS164D 220V
2KS210D 220V
2KS324D 220V
2KS224D 220V
2KS314D 220V
2JS350D 220V
420D 220V
2JS438D 220V
464D 220V

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