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50HP copeland condensing unit 6SKH-5000
  • Product Name:50HP copeland condensing unit 6SKH-5000
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50HP copeland condensing unit 6SKH-5000

1.Product Name:

Copeland air cooled semi-hermetic condensing unit


2.Working refrigerant:

R22 or R404



-40 degree to 7.5 degree


4.Model number:




 fruit cold storage,vegatable cold storage,sea food and meat cold storage.


6.Other available copeland Air cooler semi-hermetic condensing unit.


NO Model Horse Power Refrigerant Temperature
1 C-0300 3HP R22/R502/R404 -40°C~7.5 °C
2 C-0400 4HP
3 C-0500 5HP
4 C-0800 8HP
5 C-1000 10HP
6 C-1500 15HP
7 4SLW-1500(E) 15HP
8 4SHH-2500(E) 25HP
9 4STW-2000(E) 20HP
10 4SJH-3000(E) 30HP
11 6SLW-2500(E) 25HP
12 6SHH-3500(E) 35HP
13 6STW-3200(E) 32HP
14 6SJH-4000(E) 40HP
15 6SUW-4000(E) 40HP
16 6SKH-5000(E) 50HP


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