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Castel type solenoid valve
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Castel type solenoid valve

1.Solenoid Valve Automotive A/C and Centralized A/C Service Products


Model 10xx solenoid valve is a direct-operated or servo-operated valve, which is applicable to one direction flow.
·Model 10xx solenoid valve is used on the liquid, air suction or hot vapor piping of a freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
·The valve seat of Model 10xx solenoid valve is well sealed with perfect sealing performance.
·Model 10xx solenoid valves with solenoid of different voltage are available and the valve body is universal.
·Both packed and separated Model 10xx solenoid valves are available and it means the valve body could be supplied separately from the solenoid.


·Only NC type solenoid valve is available.
·The max. design temperature is 105
·8W solenoid and max. operating pressure differential (MOPD) is 2.1 MPa.
·It is applicable to various applications in freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
·The max. size of flare connection is 5/8 in.
·The max. size of welded connection is 7/8 in.
·The solenoids of different power supply are available.
·The thread capped solenoid is easy to be manually mounted and dismounted.
·The crack-proof solenoid is applicable to general ambient condition.


Technical Parameers:      
Applicable Refrigerant HCFC and HFC Max. Operating Pressure Differential(MOPD) 2.1MPa
Applicable Medium Temperature -25°C~+105°C Applicable Ambient Temperature for Solenoid -2.5°C~+60°C
Max. Operating Pressure 3.0MPa Standard Voltage of Solenoid AC380V,AC220V/50Hz
Min. Pressure Differential to Open Valve Direct-operated Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid +10%~-15%
Servo-operated Connection of Solenoid Standard 3-wire insert connector


3.Available models.


Model Connection KV NominalRefrigerating Capacity kW (liquid)
Flare Welded R22 HFC-134a R404a/R502
1020-2 1/4SAE —— 0.175 3.15 2.95 2.08
1028-2 —— 1/4ODF
1020-3 3/8SAE —— 0.23 4.15 3.9 2.75
1028-3 —— 3/8ODF
1064-3 3/8SAE —— 0.8 14.5 13.5 9.5
1068-3 —— 3/8ODF
1064-4 1/2SAE —— 0.8 14.5 13.5 9.5
1068-4 —— 1/2ODF
1068-5 —— 5/8ODF
1070-4 1/2SAE —— 2.2 39.6 37.1 26.2
1078-4 —— 1/2ODF
1070-5 5/8SAE —— 2.61 47 44 31
1078-5 —— 5/8ODF
1078-6 —— 3/4ODF 4.3 77.5   51.1
1098-7 —— 7/8ODF 5.7 102.6 72.045 67.85



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