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Hydraulic Tube Expander Tool-CT-300
  • Product Name:Hydraulic Tube Expander Tool-CT-300
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Hydraulic Tube Expander Tool-CT-300

Six Easy steps:
1. deburr inside of tube.
2. anneal the tube if necessary(for hard or thickwall tube).
3. screw the expander head on expander.
4. put the end of tube on expander head.
5. tighten the relief valve knob to n position then pump handle until tube is expanded to the end.
6. Return the relief valve knob to FF position to loosen expander head. remove expanded tube.




Patent NO :200420019748.8 China Patent 
Six Easy steps:
 de burr inside of tube.
 anneal the tube if necessary(for hard or thickwall tube).
 screw the expander head on expander.
 put the end of tube on expander head.
 tighten the relief valve knob to ’On’ position then pump handle 

until tube is expanded to the end.
 urn the relief valve knob to ’OFF’ position to loosen expander 

head. remove expanded tube.

CT-100A/CT-100M Swaging/Expanding Kit 
 manual hydraulic mechanism designed can expand from 

10mm to 42mm O.D. tubing easily with less effort.
 used for soft copper tube,Alumimum tube,Titanium tube,soft 

steel and other soft tube.
 expander segments are made of high-quality hardened steel.


 expander segments are made of high-quality hardened steel.








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