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Refrigerant Charging Scale
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Refrigerant Charging Scale

The RCS-9010 utilize the most technologically advanced and precise refrigerant meter available today with features that you can not be found anywhere else. It is ideal for HVAC and refrigeration service, including Critical Charging of small refrigeration systems. With the RCS-9010 you can measure weight in both metric and English units. The RCS-9010 is programmable, and has a built in alarm to indicate a programmed threshold has been exceeded .
1.  High-visibility LCD display
2.  Measures weight in kgs and lbs
3.  Built-in memory remembers all previous settings
4.  Rugged, compact design                                                        
5.  Long battery life
6.  High accuracy and resolution
7.  Programmable
8.  Can be calibrated in the field with inexpensive reference weight
Batter life
Operation temperature
90 kilograms (198 pounds)
0.5% of reading +/- 1 least significant digit
5g  0.010Ibs
5x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries (7.5VDC)
60 hours continuous use
10C 50C(50F 122F)
2.5 kg(5.5 lbs).
23.2cm X 23.2cm X5.8CM



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