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Refrigeration consists of four components

2017-11-30 10:21:02

The simplest elements of the refrigeration consists of four components: ① compressor; ② condenser; ③ throttle; ④ evaporator;
Refrigerators we use every day, just by the box with the four elements of composition, like cold storage cabinet. But power ③ on the fridge, the role of the throttle valve in the capillary by the same technical alternative. First of all talk about what is cooling.

Refrigeration Can only say the word is a technical term, strictly speaking is wrong, the world is not that country's scientists to produce "Cold" to. What is it cold in the end, the first example: in deepest winter, the temperature dropped to -5 ℃, we say Very cold, you can say the cold Northeast; in large dog days of summer, the temperature at +32 ℃, we would say that is not hot,
But the temperature suddenly dropped to +25 ℃, we would say that cold; this cold is common sense to be as people, in physics There is no definition of cold. Cold in the project is given along with production needs. Such as the boss asked, refrigerator cold to play it?

You beat the cold, the cold is -18 ℃; boss asked, fruit libraries temperature stable? You say very stable, this time A library is the fruit of the meaning of the temperature stable at ± 0 ℃, and this is our definition of the industry to cold.

But we The use of mechanical equipment, or the object to cool down to the required cooling temperature method is called, this is the terminology.
What is refrigeration, such as we will be equipped with one kilogram bottle of cold water 20 ℃ to 500 ℃ into an iron burn on Did not take long to open water, and if you do not get the kettle, not long before the water dried up.
All of us and said plate in water heating, In turn, can be said that the water in the cooling plate. Moreover, the lower the number of degrees, can becalculated, because one kilogram of Water rose from 20 ℃ 100 ℃, it needs to provide its 80 calories outside, the water from 100 ℃ to dry out, it needs outside Community to provide 539 calories, that is 20 ℃ water burn one kilogram of dry, to the outside world to provide 619 calories.

If the angle by cooling it from the outside world or to extract a plate 619 calories and become water vapor, the plate
Cool, this is cooling, is the use of cooling water on the plate. If the water poured on the plate, it is more straightforward.
In the above cooling process, if the size of certain steel plate, and the exclusion of the outside air temperature factor, then the steel
The number of degrees lower plate, is precisely calculated. Described here and to the 'heat', 'temperature', 'Kcal', '℃' and other physical quantities, studied physics, I think people can understand.
High school physics to mentioned that the heat is always by conduction, convection, radiation, high temperature objects from the transfer to low temperature Objects, in turn, can never be carried out. After the loss of some heat of an object, its temperature will be reduced some.

Our aim is through the refrigeration system, commodities, and the air temperature is lower heat to cooling than commodity Transfer agent, to reduce product temperature.
Our cooling system and boiler heating system in exactly the same in terms of thermodynamics, their thermal conductivity public Type are exactly the same, we first compare the boiler for further talk about the refrigerant in the refrigeration effect.