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SUNISO 5L Refrigeration Oil 5GS 4GS 3GS
  • Product Name:SUNISO 5L Refrigeration Oil 5GS 4GS 3GS
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SUNISO 5L Refrigeration Oil 5GS 4GS 3GS


OEM  Compressor Type (Model) Approved Grade OEM
DALIAN BINGSHAN Reciprocating RL 32H
BITZER Reciprocating RL 32H & 68H
BLISSFIELD Reciprocating RL 68H
BOCK Reciprocating RL32H, 68H

Centrifugal Chillers

 (17DA & 17EA)

RL 32H

Externally Geared Centrifugal Chillers 

(17EX, 17FA & 17MPS)

RL 68H
CARRIER CARLYLE Reciprocating RL 68H



Scroll (SZ, MFZ & LFZ) RL 32H
Reciprocating (LTZ & NTZ) RL 32H
DORIN Reciprocating RL  32H, 
DUNHAM BUSH Reciprocating RL 32H & 68H
Screw RL 68H
FRASCOLD Reciprocating and Screw RL 32H, 68H
FRIGOPOL Reciprocating (60-DLB-13 to 80-DLB-30) RL 32H
GRASSO (GEA) Reciprocating RL 68H 
HARTFORD Reciprocating RL 32H & 68H
HISPACOLD Reciprocating RL 68H
JIANGSU XUEMEI Reciprocating RL 32H

Oil can be used to service Lkheed

 owned compressors

RL 68H
McQUAY (J&E Hall) Centrifugal RL 32H
Screw RL 68H, 
REFCOMP Reciprocating (SRC-F, SRC-M, SRC-L & SRC-P) RL 32H & 68H
ROYCE Reciprocating RL 32H
SABROE Reciprocating & Screw RL 32H,  68H 
THERMOKING Reciprocating RL 32H
TRANE Screw RL 68H
NATO MILITARY NSN NSN 9150-01-435-1899, NSN 9150-01-410-8972 & NSN 9150-01-387-4469 RL 68H
YANTAI MOON Reciprocating RL 32H




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