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Copeland Scroll Compressor VR125KS-TFD-522
  • Product Name:Copeland Scroll Compressor VR125KS-TFD-522
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Copeland Scroll Compressor VR125KS-TFD-522

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We supply all kinds of Emerson ZR Copeland Scroll Compressor R22 R410A R407C R134A for Air Conditioning, range from 1-60 HP


We are an authorized dealer of Emerson Copeland Scroll Compressor /Danfoss/SANYO/Daikin/Hitachi/Bitzer compressors made in China.

We supply all kinds Emerson ZR Copeland Scroll Compressor , Danfoss compressors , SANYO compressors  ,  Daikin compressors  , Hitachi compressors  ,  Bitzer compressors




Copeland Scroll™ Compressor


With reliable performance, superior efficiency, quiet operation, and diagnostic capability, Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most advanced scroll technology available to support your commercial air-conditioning needs. With the widest R-410A selection available, the Copeland Scroll™ compressor offering ranges from 2–40 HP in singles and up to 80 HP in tandems. 


Copeland Scroll Compressor 2–7 HP

  • Designed to power high-efficiency air conditioners with its improved scroll set and motor for higher reliability, lower noise, and compact frame;
  • Comes with Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology for increased heating capacity;
  • Allows for the best overall applied cost for high-efficiency systems.

Copeland Scroll Compressor 7–15 HP

  • Designed for superior R-410A efficiency and performance
  • Features Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection (ASTP) to guard the compressor from the scroll overheating
  • Light, compact design with smaller suction fittings for applied cost saving
  • R-410A and R-22/R-407C models in 7–15 HP (tandems up to 30 HP)

Copeland Scroll Compressor 20–40 HP

  • R-410A and R-22/R-407C models in 20–40 HP (tandems up to 80 HP)
  • Optimized for large rooftop and chiller applications
  • Designed to provide highest R-410A efficiency in this capacity range
  • Qualified for use in trio applications


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