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Copeland semi-hermetic compressor,4STW-2000
  • Product Name:Copeland semi-hermetic compressor,4STW-2000
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Copeland semi-hermetic compressor,4STW-2000

Copeland semi-hermetic compressor, 4STW-2000


Technical information


1.Horse Power:20HP

2.No of cylinder:4

3.Diameter of cylinder:74.7mm


5.Starting current/rotor locked current:143/160

6.Max operating current:34.9A

7.Crank heater:100w

8.Discharge pipe:1-3/8"

9.Suction pipe:2-1/8"

10.Compresor size(mm):725*490*495

11.Oil charge:3.4L

12.Gross weight:192KGS

13.Displacement:84.7 m3/h

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