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Condensing Unit for Bitzer Water cooling 6G-30.2
  • Product Name:Condensing Unit for Bitzer Water cooling 6G-30.2
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Condensing Unit for Bitzer Water cooling 6G-30.2

Bitzer water cool Condensing Unit  6G-30.2


1.Horse Power:30HP




1)Universally applicable.

   For air-conditioning.

   For medium and low temperature applications.


2)Large application range.


3)Identical compressors for HFC and HCFCrefrigerants


4)Energy efficient

   High cooling capacity and minimal energyrequirements throgh:

   Highly efficient working valves

   Minimal dead space

   Efficient,large volume motor


5)Quiet and low vibration.




7)Electronic compressor protection.


8)Efficient capacity control.



4.We can supply more models from 2HP to 50HP as below:  


Product Name Model Horse power
Water cooling unit 4VCS-10.2 10
Water cooling unit 4PCS-12.2 12
Water cooling unit 4G-15.2 15
Water cooling unit 4G-20.2 20
Water cooling unit 4J-20.2 20
Water cooling unit 4H-25.2 25
Water cooling unit 6G-30.2 30
Water cooling unit 6G-40.2 40
Water cooling unit 6F-50.2

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